The problem
Rising greenhouse gas emissions are driving climate change at a rate much faster than anticipated. In 2017, CO2 levels reached more than 145% of pre-industrial levels and the global pathway to 1.5 degrees celsius (the threshold for dangerous global warming) is at serious risk. While there are some positive steps with climate finance flows, far more ambitious plans and action are needed to mitigate climate change and its impacts. Companies play a critical role in this effort in many ways, including through their direct use of carbon and contribution to greenhouse gas emissions (and efforts to reduce such emissions), engagement with their supply chains on efforts to reduce emissions and carbon intensity, development of new innovations that can mitigate climate change (such as clean energy technologies), and commitment to transparent reporting on climate change impact
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greenhouse gas emissions
air pollution
climate change
carbon emissions
UN Sustainable Development Goal 7
UN Sustainable Development Goal 13
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Ethos is using 241,532 unique data points since 2018 to rate companies, stocks and funds on reduced greenhouse gas emissions, including from these metrics:
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