The Supreme Court decision in June was a win for LGBTQ rights, increasing legal protection from workplace discrimination based on sex.

But which companies have voluntarily demonstrated their commitment to supporting LGBTQ equality, over a sustained period? Which have not?

Ethos rates companies on LGBTQ equality using metrics such as quality of non-discrimination policies, whether the company provides equitable benefits for LGBTQ workers and families, employee ratings of company culture, and active participation in international human rights groups. See details or explore the full list of company ratings here.

No company is perfect; ratings shown are relative to each other. Ethos provides ratings with the goal of encouraging transparency and continuous improvement.

Top 50 companies for LGBTQ equality

#1: General Motors

General Motors has been a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ equality in the auto industry, including as the first automaker to run an LGBTQ-specific ad and the first and only automaker to sign both the Equality Act and amicus brief supporting the prevention of LGBTQ discrimination. 

GM's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

  • Leader for LGBTQ human capital practices and outcomes (DiversityInc)
  • 10/10 rating for commitment to gender pay equity (Just Capital)
  • Participation in 2 international human rights groups (Ethos)

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#2: Procter & Gamble

P&G took a public stand for LGBTQ rights in 1992 when it added sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policies. It's been a strong supporter and today has 10,000+ LGTB employees.

P&G's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

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#3: Pepsi

Pepsi's initiatives for LGBTQ equality include its rainbow-colored Doritos, which raise funds for non-profit organizations supporting the LGBTQ community.

Pepsi's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

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#4: Hilton

Hilton collaborates with leading LGBTQ rights organizations (such as HRC, GLAAD, and International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association), has been a proud member of the HRC Corporate Coalition Against Anti-LGBT Legislation and the HRC Business Coalition for Equality, and was the first hospitality company to join the Global Equality Fund, an initiative of the U.S. State Department that advances and protects the human rights of LGBT persons around the world.

Hilton's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

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#5: Accenture

Accenture is regularly recognized as a top employer for LGBTQ employees. Its metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

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#6: Salesforce

Salesforce has taken public stands against discriminatory bills and laws targeting LGBTQ communities, including in Indiana, Georgia, and North Carolina. 

Salesforce's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

  • 100/100 rating on the Corporate Equality Index (Human Rights Campaign)
  • 10/10 rating for commitment to gender pay equity (Just Capital)
  • Active participation in 2 international groups working for gender equality (Ethos)
  • 4.1/5 average employee rating for workplace culture (Ethos)

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#7: Johnson & Johnson

J&J offers assistance with fertility treatments, adoption and surrogacy to heterosexual and same-sex spouses alike. Its Open&Out Employee Resource Group has more than 3,400 LGBTQ+ employee and ally members across 80 chapters.

Johnson & Johnson's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

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#8: Nvidia

Nvidia has been recognized many times for its leadership on LGBTQ equality, including for its strong parental leave benefits globally for birth and non-birth parents; same-sex domestic partner benefits and insurance offerings to support in vitro fertilization, adoption and egg freezing; and adopting gender-neutral language in its parental leave policy.

 Nvidia's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

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#9: Cisco

Cisco's diversity and inclusion initiatives include the "Multiplier Effect," a pledge to accelerate diverse talent in tech. Cisco's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

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#10: Intel

Intel's first Employee Resource Group, IGLOBE, was established in 1994 to support the LGBTQ community, and today has a presence in 10 countries. 

Intel's metrics for LGBTQ equality include:

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