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Racism and lack of justice continue to oppress lives around the globe. Minorities face the threat of police violence, racial profiling, and unequal treatment in the judicial system. Police departments and the criminal justice system too often cause harm to communities they are assigned to protect. Lack of civil rights and justice also affects activists, human rights defenders and detainees. Globally, murders of human rights defenders, journalists and trade unionists have risen in recent years, and unsentenced detainees remain approximately 30 percent of the prison population. Corporations can support racial justice and civil rights in many ways, including through their internal policies and practices on racial equality, choices of suppliers and business partners (and requirements for those partners), public stances on civil rights issues, and involvement in local communities.
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Black Lives Matter
civil rights
minority rights
hate crimes
police violence
UN Sustainable Development Goal 10
UN Sustainable Development Goal 16
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