FinTech startup ethos ESG, which helps investors align their money with causes they care about, and Women of the World Endowment (WoWE), a 100% mission-aligned endowment that harnesses the power of the capital markets to invest in and through as women as economic, social and environmental changemakers, have announced a new strategic partnership effective immediately, to help bring a gender focus to the center of Ethos work and organization.

The collaboration will seek to co-develop gender-focused products and conduct joint research to catalyze greater institutional investment in gender intersectional strategies, in part by bringing Ethos capabilities to new markets worldwide.

The partnership builds on Ethos' mission to help everyone invest in line with their values, including using gender intersectional strategies.

Ethos CEO Luke Wilcox said, Im thrilled to be partnering with a great organization and team. WoWE will help us better empower investors to align their investments with gender equity and a more sustainable future for everyone.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments represent one of the fastest growing investment strategies, becoming a multi-trillion market in a fairly short period. However, the industry continues to grapple with quantifying and standardizing the measurement of impact returns as well as portfolio construction.

WoWE Founder and CEO Patience Marime-Ball said demand for impact investing data and transparency is strong and continues to grow.

"We know investors want more data to make smart investing decisions from an impact perspective, but there is a lack of transparent and useful data, Marime-Ball said. As a customer, we know that Ethos already offers terrific products and services. We are so excited for the chance to collaborate, especially on new intersectional scoring methodologies and data, which we believe will engage with more people who want to invest in women as changemakers.

Marime-Ball goes on to explain that our partnership enables us to not only participate, but also drive change in a growing area of investing. It allows us to influence gender-focused metrics in the development of broader tools that asset owners and managers will increasingly use as ESG / sustainability regulations become more common. This could include portfolio construction tools, educational content and methodologies to integrate intersectional gender causes into ongoing investment decisions.

About Ethos:

Founded in 2019, ethos ESG is an ESG software and data platform for financial advisors, institutions and investors. Ethos offers data and analytics covering the impact of 7500 stocks and 6000 funds across 45 causes. Ethos uses a combination of independent third party sources, government filings, company data and proprietary research to come up with transparent ESG ratings. Customers include financial advisor firms across the US, Europe and Australia, individual investors and corporate clients.

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About Women of the World Endowment (WoWE):

WoWE was founded with the vision of centralizing women as economic, environmental, and societal changemakers. We are the first 100% mission aligned endowment investing in and through women who are driving the change we want to see.

Systems change that places women at the center of a high growth future is the beating heart of our work. We build pathways to mainstream investing in and through women who drive resilient and sustainable investment systems and economies. We invite co-investing from investors to expand the capital pool. Our returns are granted into entities accelerating the intersectional opportunity of women addressing todays most pressing challenges through systems transformation. We are creating a virtuous circle of capital that spans the entire investment spectrum and maximizes outcomes for all.

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