What are the "real-world metrics" that Ethos uses?

Advisor customers can use "real-world," easy-to-understand metrics with clients in your reports.

The real-world metrics that we currently offer include:

  • Minorities hired
  • Adults with disabilities (not) hired
  • Salary equality
  • Female employees hired
  • Factory farm animals saved
  • Cars removed from the road
  • Miles driven 
  • Tons of waste avoided
  • Work-life balance
  • Wind turbines built
  • Rainforest trees saved
  • Weapons destroyed
  • Packs of cigarettes destroyed
  • Environmental controversy
  • Month's rent paid
  • International exchange supported
  • Inventions enabled
  • More clean energy than benchmark
  • Cubic miles of ocean (not) protected
  • Global warming temperature potential
  • Plastic removed from the ocean
  • Salmon saved
  • Tuna fish protected
  • Meals provided 
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