How do I add a portfolio model to my account?

Advisor customers can create portfolio models (sets of assets) around the causes your clients and leads care about, then re-use with any number of clients and leads. Reach out to us at or grab some time here if you'd like any additional help setting up portfolio models.

1. Navigate to portfolio models

Navigate to Clients > Portfolio models and select the "+ Model" button.

Click the play button if you'd like an in-screen overview of how to create a model.

2. Set model name and description

Set a name and description for your model (optional, but helps you keep track of your models).

3. Add assets

As you add assets, they'll appear in the Assets table.

You can add assets using any of three options. First, you can import from a CSV file. To do this, click the "+ Import" button near the top-right.

Second, you can add manually, using security symbols (tickers) or names. To do this, search for securities under the "Add manually" section near the top-left.

Third, you can build a model using filters. To do this, find the "Build a model" section on the left-hand side and start by setting your asset limit (the number of assets you want in the model). Then set other filters to adjust the assets in the model. Assets update in real-time as you change the filters.

4. Set asset weights and save

Set asset weights and save your model. Adjust weights in the Assets table.

When you're ready, click "Save" to save your model.

5. Use your model

You can now use your model with any portfolio. When you create a portfolio, just select your model from the "Apply existing model" section.

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