How does Ethos visualize data in reports?

Ethos helps you and your clients understand the impact of a portfolio or investment with data visualization. Some of the data visualizations we use include:

Bubble charts

We aggregate more than 2 million data points to create ratings of stocks and funds across 45 causes. To make it easier to digest and see what's driving a rating for a specific stock or fund and a specific cause, we use bubble charts highlighting the data with the most weight (data driving a rating).

Find on any company or fund profile, under the "Data" tab.

Pie charts

After a client or lead completes an Impact Assessment, we show them their breakdown of causes in a simple pie chart.

Find on the assessment "results" page at the end of an Impact Assessment.

Distribution bar charts

Large companies often have mixed impact on causes. The same company may have negative impact on the environment but have great policies promoting gender equality, for example. Charts on company and fund profiles show the impact of an investment across all causes on Ethos.

Find on any company or fund profile, on the "Scorecard" tab.

Impact Persona graphic

Every investor is different. Based on a client or lead's Impact Assessment results, we assign an Impact Persona that reflects the specific mix of causes they care about.

Find on the assessment "results" page at the end of an Impact Assessment.


For every client portfolio, we show exposure to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We calculate exposure by mapping each SDG to data on Ethos; for example, for SDG 14 (Life below Water) we include data such as single-use plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Find on the assessment "results" page at the end of an Impact Assessment, on client reports (optional), and on portfolio pages in your Advisor account.

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