What do I need to do to avoid scams?

Let's work together to stop scammers. Please note:

  • Ethos Support will never ask for your account password or two-factor codes
  • Ethos Support will never ask for information or credentials regarding your accounts with your banking institutions or other platforms
  • Ethos Support will never request that you download remote desktop access software

A scammer may call or email you, pretending to be someone from the Ethos Support team. They may try to convince you to download software, saying it's required to fix problems with your account. They may also ask you to give them your Ethos account information, or information for other platforms you use.

If you suspect your account has been compromised, please contact us.

If you've given your Ethos credentials to someone, or if you use the same password elsewhere, please change your password immediately.

We recommend enabling two-factor authentication for security. 

This same advice applies to other services that may be targeted by scammers claiming to represent Ethos. 

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