We're excited to release better Portfolio Proposal reports, rating trend lines (ratings over time), notifications, the launch of our API, and more:

Side-by-side impact comparisons

Portfolio Proposal reports now show a clear side-by-side comparison of a current portfolio (or a lead's statements) vs. a proposed portfolio. Comparisons cover the causes that a client or lead cares about, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, featured or "real-world" metrics you select, and financial performance.

Top metrics
Top metrics

Launch of the Ethos API

Integrate Ethos' ratings and data directly into your analysis or application. The Ethos' API gives you access to our company- and fund-level screens, ratings and metrics. Contact us for more information.

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Tracking the impact of investments over time

Curious about how a company or fund's rating changes over time? We added a weekly ratings trend to company and fund profiles on Ethos. Every week (Saturday, US time) we'll add a new data point to show changes in the company or fund's rating, based on data updates made that week (e.g., public controversies or other data updates).

1-page company PDF
Find on any company or fund profile

Notifications by email and in-platform

Get notified by email and on the Ethos platform whenever there are new data updates, product updates, blog posts, or when a client or lead completes your impact assessment. Adjust your notification settings under Notifications --> Settings

Rating calculation

Easier integration of Featured Metrics in reports

When you create a Portfolio Analysis or Portfolio Proposal report, Ethos now defaults to including no featured metrics, and makes it easy to select the metrics you want to include:

Top metrics
Customers can find when creating a portfolio report for a client

About Ethos

Ethos is a first-of-its-kind FinTech platform for investors and consumers to align their spending with the causes they care about, including racial justice, workplace safety, climate change, LGBTQ equality, and more.

Please reach out to the Ethos team at support@ethos.so with any questions or suggestions. 

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