The brands you buy, companies you interact with, and investments you make all support a particular vision of the world. Are your resources supporting racial justice? Workplace safety? Clean energy and climate action?

Companies are accountable to their customers, and publicly-traded companies are accountable to investors (including through shareholder resolutions). But how do you actually hold them accountable for the causes you care about?

Ethos is the easiest, most comprehensive way for socially-conscious consumers to support the causes they care about. Ethos lets you select causes and explore how companies, brands and employers score. Ratings are based on hundreds of credible sources and millions of data points, all transparently shown on Ethos.

How it works

1. Find the brands you buy, companies you interact with, and investments you make. See which ones align with your values and support the causes you care about

2. Take an Impact Assessment to determine the most important causes to you. Ethos has 35 unique causes you can choose from and combine

3. Explore your personalized ratings. Based on your Impact Assessment, Ethos gives you an “Impact Persona” and personalized ratings of brands, companies and investments that align with your values. With an easy-to-explore interface, we show your impact scale going up or down as you save companies that align with your causes (or that don’t align)

About Ethos

Ethos was started in 2019 with the idea that purchasing and investing are deeply connected to global causes such as justice, health, and climate change. Global crises increasingly depend on the actions and responses of the companies we invest in or consume from (for example, the ability of pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines, or the choices that energy companies make to develop renewable energy sources). Ethos aims to be the compass as we consume, work, and invest in the world we hope to create. Learn more about Ethos here.