Ethos is excited to announce that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with the German nonprofit analysis and consulting firm PHINEO to offer Ethos’ investment impact analytics to PHINEO’s wealth management clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

PHINEO will use Ethos’ software and data in its impact investing advisory business to help financial advisors, endowments and foundations, and other wealth management clients align investments with positive impact on causes they care about, such as climate action, racial justice, gender equality, health and well-being, and more.

Ethos will provide data and analytics on areas such as portfolio carbon emissions, gender equity performance, diversity and inclusion practices, government fines and shareholder actions, exposure to industries such as tobacco and weapons, and more.

Ethos CEO Luke Wilcox said, “Investing for impact as well as financial performance continues to accelerate in Europe and around the world. Ethos is thrilled to partner with PHINEO to offer our impact analytics to more wealth management clients. The partnership will further our mission of enabling everyone to align their money with the causes they care about.” 

Susanne Bregy, Head of Impact Investing at PHINEO, commented on why she is excited about the partnership with Ethos. “Most ESG measurement tools work with information provided directly by screened companies, which can be biased. This is one reason why ESG data providers often score the same company quite differently. The fact that Ethos uses a data aggregation algorithm that eliminates this problem is a key differentiator.”

PHINEO, based in Berlin, is a firm specializing in nonprofit analysis and consulting for effective societal engagement. PHINEO works with nonprofits, foundations, family offices, companies, social investors, major donors and philanthropists, and government administrators. The firm focuses on impact analysis and investment, helping clients with strategy development and goal setting, project development and support, and organizational development, among other areas. With entrepreneur Susanne Klatten, PHINEO recently implemented the SKala initiative, which provides 88 million euros to 95 nonprofit projects that demonstrate strong social impact. Some of the organizations that PHINEO supports include John Deere, The World Bank, Lufthansa and Robert Bosch. Learn more about PHINEO at

Ethos is an ESG software and data platform for financial advisors, institutions and investors. Ethos offers impact data and analytics on investments and portfolios, impact reporting, and client engagement tools such as a values-based Impact Assessment. Ethos is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and works with clients across the US, Australia and Europe.