Data updates over the last two weeks include:

Updated prison involvement analysis: we assess a company's involvement with private prisons and immigrant detention centers a few ways, including through third-party sources such as the Racial Justice Exclusion List from Robasciotti & Philipson. This week we added data from the nonprofit organization Worth Rises; we now consider any company with a Worth Rises "harm score" greater than 11 to be involved with prisons. This change affects company and fund ratings for causes related to prisons (e.g., racial justice), as well as the prison involvement screen. With a greater number of companies considered to be involved with prisons (based on Worth Rises' analysis), there are fewer funds that pass the prison involvement screen.

New metric assessing support for voting rights: we added a metric assessing whether US large-cap companies have expressed support for voting rights (or opposition to voting restriction laws). The metric applies only to US-headquartered, large-cap companies.

New metrics assessing impact per $M revenue: we added several metrics assessing impact per $1M revenue, including number of patents per $M revenue, number of H1B visas granted per $1M revenue, and governmental fines per $1M revenue. Assessing metrics scaled by revenue reduces bias toward large companies (in both positive and negative directions, depending on the metric). Ethos uses revenue-scaled metrics in combination with non-scaled metrics (e.g., total number of patents granted).

Percentage of women employees: we added a metric assessing the percentage of female employees at the company.

Data notifications: all Ethos customers now have the option to receive email notifications when there are new data updates. You can adjust your notifications preferences in your account on Ethos under Notifications --> Settings.

Please reach out to the Ethos team at with any questions or suggestions.

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