Impact Assessment

3 minutes

This is Ed Yetsko. Welcome to Aspire Financial Group's impact assessment! This should only take a few minutes of your time. I'll be asking you to answer a few questions to help you discover your impact Persona and start aligning your portfolio with the causes that you care about the most.

If you're like me, you may be reluctant to start filling out an online questionnaire with the thought that someone will soon be calling you.  Don't worry - I will not be asking you for your phone number. I will however ask for your email address and will add you to my newsletter list but you can always unsubscribe. I will also not email you directly but will certainly respond if you email or call me. My goal here is simply to educate both clients and potential clients on sustainable and impact investing and perhaps get you thinking about your investments in a different way. If after reviewing your report, you would like to discuss and learn more about how I go about incorporating sustainable and impact investing in my client's portfolios, please reach out by phone, email, or grab a meeting time on my calendar.

Ed Yetsko, MBA, CFP®, RMA®, AIF®, CSRIC™


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